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* Live updates

11/7/2021: Tez Calendar contract minted on beta.
Backend filtering by category and synchronizing with storage are done.
8/7/2021: Announcement of Tez Calendar, a non-profit project for Tezos
6/7/2021: All 40,177,802.514 tokens in admin wallet is locked.
Admin wallet now has 0 tokens.
The circulating supply now: 86,993,179.486
1. Airdrops distributed
2. Farming released with Crunchy integration.
1/7/2021: Quipuswap listing, distributed tokens to private and public
1. Release Beta P2P DE.
2. Developer funds moved to: tz1PvacvNNmKYZosfUA75tGWR3CuyDz2GR7b
3. Encourage users moved to: tz1aunzRgSJxVzLKF3SNg6ToakiN5dg9hkiq
3. Hera DAO token has minted on Tezos Mainet.
Contract address: KT1ExpspQSag2x5dATrBxEQzrHP5PJd28fA4
Token ID: 0
Fixed Supply: 27,000
25/6/2021: Public sale has ended.
47,595,400 un-sold tokens has been locked to contract address:
Total HERA token: 185,000,000 -> 127,170,982
12/6/2021: 10,233,617.558 un-sold tokens have been locked to
contract address: KT1TziGh1GmmmpFXdzBe6dSvMbseuLaSGw62
10/6/2021: Release Beta P2P Betting. Community Testing event will start in next
24 hours.
3/6/2021: Start public-sale event. Deployed new sale UI.
2/6/2021: Pre-sale has ended.
Many thanks to early participants with the amount raised about
20,000 XTZ.
Hera Network Testing for Beta starts.
1/6/2021: Announce Hera Network Beta Testing participants Event
29/5/2021: Start pre-sale event. Deployed new sale UI.
28/5/2021: Deploy Private Sale contract on Tezos mainet.
27/5/2021: Thank you for participating airdrops event.
More than 1.4k submitted registration from.
Hera token has minted on Tezos Mainet.
Contract address: KT1JXxK3bd39ayLiiBdKm2cdReYnVSG3bkzK
Token ID: 0
Fixed Supply: 185.000.000
19/5/2021: According to some suggestions from the community,
we should extend the Community Event for 1 week to spread widely.
Now everyone will have 1 more week to register.
The token distribution plan is unchanged.
A "first come, first served" policy to ensure that those who are
first interested in Hera will be more beneficial.
17/5/2021: Start Hera Community Event

1. About Hera Network

Hera Network is the all-in-one (Hub) DeFi service of Tezos blockchain and is governed by Hera DAO holders. We provide multiple financial primitives that became a DeFi hub serving Tezos eco system.
Admin address: tz1Xkw7smsrdxdW3Stq6PKwbayESUnK2y5VT
Token Lock contract: KT1TziGh1GmmmpFXdzBe6dSvMbseuLaSGw62
Developer funds address: tz1PvacvNNmKYZosfUA75tGWR3CuyDz2GR7b
Encourage users address: tz1aunzRgSJxVzLKF3SNg6ToakiN5dg9hkiq

2. Services

2.1 Farming

Hera allows holders to lock up their holdings, which in turn provides them with rewards. More specifically, it’s a process that lets you earn either fixed or variable interest by investing token.
First, we will support farming hrDAO by Hera Token 2 weeks after releasing token.

2.2 Lending

Hera lending platforms aim to offer crypto loans in a trustless manner, i.e., without intermediaries and allow users to enlist their crypto coins on the platform for lending purposes.
We provide a P2P lending contract, allowing borrowers can directly take a loan through the platform by selecting the best deals from lenders.
For example, a lender can provide a deal for Kolibri USD with rate 15% APY (significant lower than Kolibri current rate 22.5% from https://kolibri.finance/), or with a lower liquidation rate.

2.3 Lottery

Lottery betting is the activity of predicting the results of a lottery draw and placing a wager on the outcome.
With some betting firms, players are also able to bet on certain numbers being drawn, rather than following the ruleset of official lottery operators. For example, a player could bet on just one number being drawn on a specific lottery. With number betting, the betting company can set its own prize amounts and pays out prizes directly to customers.
There are 2 number betting systems on Hera:
  • Instant bet: A P2P contract where a player simply choose a side which is below or above 50 (0-49 or 49-99), and bet with another one who has a same amount bet size. The winner takes all rewards.
  • Daily bet: Players pick a number from 0-99. The lottery system announces the JackPot number of the day at 2PM UTC. The winner will get a 70x reward.
2.4 Tez Calendar
Announcement of Tez Calendar, a non-profit project for Tezos
Since the number of projects above Tezos is exploding 🚀, it's hard to
keep track of all that's going on behind the scenes.
With the advice of @phanngt, Hera Team & Olympus Dev Team will start
a project called Tez Calendar.
This is a non-profit project for the community of #Tezos.
Tez Calendar is where people don't have to read all telegrams, discord,
medium... to find private sale schedule, when to farm info, etc...
Voting system with #hrDAO will be added to increase credibility.

3. Token

3.1 Hera Token

  • Hera is the native token of Hera Network.
  • Hera total supply is 127,170,982 tokens
    • (185.000.000 tokens before locking)
  • Hera can be used for paying transaction fees, staking to deploy smart contracts or farming for hrDAO token. 95% of the funds from the public sale will be added to LP, 5% for marketing strategy.

3.2 hrDao Token

  • hrDAO is the governance token of Hera Network.
  • hrDAO total supply is 27.000 tokens.
  • Unlike Hera, hrDAO will not be created or provided initial liquidity by Hera team. It can be done by any members of the community.

4. Hera Network Event

4.1 Airdrop

  • Registration Date: UTC 2:00 pm 17th May 2021 - UTC 2:00 m 26th May 2021
  • Policy: first-come, first-served
  • Lockup: Unlocked 1 weeks and 4 days after public sale ends, 5th July 2021

4.2 Private Sale

  • Registration Date: UTC 2:00 pm 17th May 2021 - UTC 2:00 pm 28th May 2021
  • Event Start Date: UTC 2:00 pm 29th May 2021 - UTC 2:00 pm 1st June 2021
  • Individual Purchase Caps: min 10 XTZ, max 8000 XTZ per registrant
  • Lockup: Unlocked 1 weeks after public sale ends, 1st July 2021
  • Hera Token Price: 0.003 XTZ

4.3 Public Sale

  • Registration Date: UTC 2:00 pm 17th May 2021 - UTC 2:00 pm 1st June 2021
  • Event Start Date: UTC 2:00 pm 3rd June 2021 - UTC 2:00 pm 24th June 2021
  • Individual Purchase Caps: min 10 XTZ, max 8000 XTZ per registrant
  • Lockup: Unlocked 1 weeks after public sale ends, 1st July 2021
  • Hera Token Price: 0.005 XTZ

5. Token Distribution

To achieve the highest decentralization, 59.7% is distributed to community, 20.3% incentivize users to get rewards in farming or lottery games, 2% airdrop.
The development team has 18% of total fixed supply, and will be distributed 6 months later, counting from 17th December 2021.
All the token will be distributed 2 weeks after the end of public sale, on 1st July 2021.

6. Roadmap

  • Q2 2021: Hera Network Community Event and Token distribution
  • Q3 2021: Release Farming and Lottery Services
  • Q4 2021: Release P2P Lending Service.
  • Q1-2 2022: Governance System on Hera Network.

7. Postscript

Hera team is working day and night to be able to help the project launch on time, to provide one the high quality decentralized financial infrastructure and product platform on Tezos.
On the road to success, we can not do this alone. Thank you for joining us on this journey to build a decentralized, open and equitable future together.
From Hera team with all respect!
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